Hospital Grade TV’s

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Samsung 693 Series 32″

Samsung 693 Series 40″

Samsung 693 Series 43″

Samsung 693 Series 49″


24” LG LT572M Series Pro

28” LG LT572M Series Pro

32” LG LT572M Series Pro

43” LG LT572M Series Pro

49″ LG UT672M Series 4K UHD Pro

55” LG UT672M Series 4K UHD Pro

The LT572M Hospital TV series provides advanced technology in a cost-effective solution designed for patients and staff. All features, including Pillow Speaker support and Hospital UL Certification, are designed for patient-centered care, meeting the individual’s specific needs in the environment.

Pillow Speaker Ready

  • Audio and Video can be controlled directly by a pillow speaker for patient convenience

Reliable Nurse call system

  • Improve patient care and staff response with this reliable nurse call system by Pillow speaker

UL Hospital Grade Listed

  • LT572M series is designed for the healthcare and hospital environment.


Samsung 693 Series Healthcare TVs have been designed with hospital-specific features to help make a positive impact on patient outcomes. Your patients receive stunning Samsung picture quality, while you receive cost savings from LED technology that uses up to 50% less energy. Facility managers benefit from side-mounted USB ports for convenient set-up, an on-site commercial warranty and business support services. Plus, our healthcare TVs are compatible with many interactive patient education systems.

Samsung Healthcare TVs are specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements for use in hospital environments. Manufactured in accordance with UL’s published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety, you get worry-free patient comfort for your healthcare facility.

An easy-to-use interface for multiple styles of pillow speakers is built right into the TV. That means no set-top/set-back box is required, while eliminating the hassle of fumbling with remotes and changing batteries and allowing adequate listening volume without disturbing others.

Enhanced entertainment, made simple.

Let patients switch it up by offering more entertainment without any extra connections. The PDi A-Series is more than a simple TV display; it has games and relaxation apps built in. Patients can easily navigate the icon-based menu of entertainment using a numeric or navigational pillow speaker.

Designed For Viewing Brilliance.

This PDi 55 inch A-Series HDTV is equipped with Pro:Idiom so patients can access more channels, with Full-HD 1920 x 1080 display resolution for stunning HD clarity.

Designed to Meet Healthcare Needs

Create a comfortable patient atmosphere with universal pillow speaker recognition, volume limiters, multi-bed codes, closed captioning and more. PDi televisions are manufactured with hospital-grade features and easily controlled via the headend RF-HEMiS TV server. These UL-Listed healthcare-grade TVs have lasting value and provide added safety in your facility.

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